About Us

Muay Thai Academy International (MTAI) was founded in 1990 and is considered to be one of the oldest active Muay Thai academies in the United States specializing in offensive combat and defensive tactics for civilians, law enforcement, military, and other high risk operations specialists. The founding fathers of this Academy are also the founders of the Henley-Putnam University, The Akribis Group, and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies.
The central principal of this Academy was to provide a safe and effective training center for practical combat application with the supervision of highly experienced and knowledgable instructors. The Academy runs it’s business operations similar to a non-profit entity where the focus strays away from the responsibility and burden of a profit center to distract us. After 27 years of existence, we continue to prosper under this non-profit philosophy.  We do not exist to make a quick buck. Rather, we want to open everyones’ eyes to the fact that this kind of training is readily available in a local training center, that was typically only accessible to law enforcement or military personnel, without necessitating you to be involved in a typical organization that burdens you with other fees that does nothing but fill the pockets of the owners of typical schools.
The Academy’s Principal and Senior Instructors are highly trained, skilled, and experienced. Moreover, most of the Instructors of the Academy have extensive education and/or background in the areas of intelligence, protection, and counterterrorism. These Principal and Senior Instructors are sometimes supported by a small cadre of Assistant Instructors who are undergoing a lengthy and rigorous qualification and certification program.
The efficacy of our training techniques has garnered interest from the law enforcement, military, and national security communities. As a result, our corporate arm has provided exclusive training to various domestic and international national-security entities.

If you are interested in a tour of the facility, schedule a no-obligation appointment via e-mail now or call us at (408)-216-0004!