System Origins

Muay Thai is generally referred to the “art of the eight limbs” because students learn to use fists, elbows, knee strikes, and legs. Our instruction embodies a system based on the old style of Muay Thai known as Muay Chao Chur and the military style of Muay Thai known as Lerdrit. Moreover, we include aspects of Boar Bando and Kalaripayattu, a Burmese and Indian combat style.
Muay Lert Rit (or Lerdrit) is a striking system used and allegedly utilized by the Royal Thai Army and the King’s protection guards, derived from Muay Boran, and adapted to close combat. The techniques are often arranged as Mae Mai (standard techniques for bare hand fighting) or Look Mai (advanced combatives).
Bando is a Burmese martial art system that favors close quarter combat and emphasizes defense as the best offense, with offensive forms based on the movements of animals. Bando leaves the initiative to the opponent, allowing the fighter to employ various counter maneuvers. In this system, the head, shoulder, elbow, knee, and foot are all used for offensive purposes. Boar Bando can be best characterized as an offensive Bando form with rushing attacks, especially with elbows and knees.
Kalaripayattu originated in Kerala, India in 1362 AD and was originally practiced in northern and central parts of Kerala and the Tulunadu region of Karnataka. Mythological accounts of the Pallava prince, Bodhidharman, cite the origin of Chinese Kung Fu to Kalaripayattu. The techniques in this system are a combination of steps (Chuvatu) and stances (Vadivu).

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