Academy History

The Academy was established in 1990. The founders of the Academy are also the founders of the Henley-Putnam University, The Akribis Group, and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies. Given the facts of the founders’ extensive background and experience in intelligence, counterterrorism, protection, and national security, naturally the Academy catered to members of law enforcement agencies, military personnel, high risk national security operators, and visiting individuals and teams in the Greater Bay Area. Membership was restricted to such individuals for the first two years of it’s operation and later was opened to the general public over the age of 18 and citizens or residents of the United States.
Letter of commendation from President Bill Clinton
Letter of commendation from President Bill Clinton
Throughout the years,  the Academy has involved in various unique and specialized teaching and educational endeavors. The Academy assisted in providing critical advisement to key members of Team Muay Thai USA who competed in the Prince’s Cup, the 1996 International Amateur Muay Thai Championship in Thailand, that resulted in winning gold and bronze medals at the tournament. This was recognized through commendations by various governors of the United States and a personal recognition from President Bill Clinton.
The Academy has trained numerous members and teams of military special operations, special forces, intelligence agencies, counterterrorism divisions of the United States Government, and other U.S. friendly nations.
Today, the Academy continues its tradition in providing education and training in effective and practical combat application to civilians as well as members and teams belonging to various law enforcement, military, and national security agencies.

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